fanciapromo "Fight Back!"
This story appears in the graphic novel,
"kone kone Fancia"
as "part 11".

This story introduces a new cat---she's a scientist whose name is "Hakase".
"Hakase" means expert in japanese, and she's so proud of the fact,
it's written on her face----literally!
Her eyebrows form the character "Ha", the pupil of her right eye is "Ka"
and her eyepatch has a "Se" on it.
This presented me with a bit of a dilemma, in that,
once reversed, the effect is ruined.
At first i toyed with the idea of giving her the english name
of "Dr. X" ("X" for "expert") and have her eyepatch say "Dr."
and her [now] left pupil have an "X" in it...
but then i remembered that one of the goals of this site is to
*encourage* the learning of japanese culture and whatnot...
so i changed my mind and left her name as "Hakase" and instead moved
the "Ka" to the eyepatch and
the "Se" to her [now] left pupil, thus allowing the
"Ha-Ka-Se" motif to remain intact...

Oh! and btw---This's the last story to contain some brief nudity!

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