kuro-chanpromo "The Story Of Kuro-chan"
This story appears in the graphic novel,
"kone kone Fancia"
as "part 17".

As the title implies, this is the origin story of Kuro-chan.
Up until now, Kuro-chan has been a very mysterious character, though almost every chapter has provided a clue about her...
still, why does she wear that bracelete around her ankle? Why does she visit the Tea Ceremony Instructor on New Year's Day and why does a loner like Kuro-chan refer to her as "my mistress"? Why is that place by the sea special to her?
And just who is the person that Kuro-chan says is kept "close to her heart"?
all of these questions and more get answered in this story.

i'd like to add that this story ranks as one of my favorites...it's beautifully written and very, very sad.
While "kitty kitty fancia" has at times been of...."questionable taste", i think this story absolutely justifies the appearance of the series here at studio robb. it is my most sincere wish that my translation of this story, at least in some small part,
does justice to buruma-sensei's beautifully written original.

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