If one takes the time to check under the dust-jacket of the tankohban for "kone kone fancia", one will find a surprise: the kitty-kitty Fancia board game!

i've reproduced it here in english for your enjoyment...you'll notice this is a "large" piccy in order to allow large printing for easy playing...but if you want to print an even larger board game, click here for a super-sized deluxe zipped version!

to fully enjoy this game, you will need the following:
1 standard six-sided die
a bag of chocolate easter eggs
a bag (or whatever) of your favorite snack
a pair of panties (preferably unsoiled!)

1) print this page (preferably onto stiff paper) and cut out the four "Fancia tokens" i've provided...though really, you can use just about anything for a token...a button, a grain of rice, navel lint...i do advise against using the dog from the monoploy game, though---the kitties are scared of dogs!

it should be noted that, while i've made four tokens, any number of people can play, as long as they're supplied with a piece to move about the board with.

2) place your tokens on "start" and roll the die...highest number goes first; the player on the left of the first player will go second, and play proceeds to the left after that.

3) if you land on a "special space", be sure to follow the instructions!

4) the first player to reach "finish" wins! Note: you have to roll the *exact* number needed to reach the "finish" in order to land on it!

Have Fun, Everyone!

board game board game board game board game

board game

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