"Bi-Annual Post"

sadly, that's become reality, not a joke.


New Year's Card (2018)


2018 - Year of the Dog


This started out as a birthday card (in fact, it was even used as one),
but it ended up being a kind of "Ode to Doki Doki Literature Club", aka,

"Just Monika"

and, hey.

i even snuck in a new page for The Legend Of Béo-Woolfe.



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Aaron A's Ultra-cool Website featuring "Serenity Rose"!

i thought i'd be slick and make a proper link with a piccy and all,but...oh well. still, you owe it to yourself to check his site out!
L.J. Scott's Underrated
Sci-Fi Movie List

From Denvention 3, the 66th World Science Fiction convention!

L.J. Scott attended a meeting of the minds of SF&F authors and movie reviewers to create a list of SF&F Movies deserving of far more recognition --- here it is!

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