"Doctor Who: Retirement?!" by L.J. Scott and Robb "studio robb" Carnes

I've spent the last five or six years retouching manga, both as a professional and non-professional. what few people know, though, was that i've drawn comics, as well...albiet years ago. specifically between the years of 1988 and 1992, i was drawing a comic for a "Doctor Who" fanzine called "The Doctor Who Information Society", or DWIS.

but it wasn't just any comic: i had the tremendous fortune of drawing a comic written by L. J. Scott, who's claim to fame was being the person who wrote the story upon which the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Quality of Life" (production n:235, broadcast Nov. 16, 1992) was based on.Working with Ms. Scott on this 15-part story was quite an honor (and a lot of fun!)

and now, for the first time, our comic, "Doctor Who: Retirement?" is being made available to the general public thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web.

i might as well start with the usual self-depricating comments...my drawing style is certainly not what comic afficionados would term as "professional". true, i did get "better" (relative term, that) as time went on, but the early stories were very derivative of "Love and Rockets" co-creator, Jaime Hernandez. basically what i'm saying is: don't expect to be "wowed" by the artwork.

But L. J. Scott's story is excellent, especially if you're a fan of "Doctor Who".

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Part 1: "The Hunt of the Scavangers!"

Part 2: "Pressed For Time In Jabberwhovy"

Part 3: "Relative Dimensions"

Part 4: "Lost Yesterdays"

Part 5: "Union Strike!"

Part 6: "Something Wicket This Way Comes!"

Part 7: "The Crushing Blow!"

Part 8 (intro): "Just Who The Heck Everyone Is!"

Part 8: "That's The Tickette!"

Part 9: "Tomorrow's Past"

Part 10: "Holed Up..."

Part 10 (omake): "Grim Tidings"

Part 11: "The Master Plan"

Part 12: "Tending The Flock..."

Part 13 (a): "Conjured Visions I"

Part 13 (b): "Conjured Visions II"

Part 14: "Final Respects"

Part 15: "Denouement"

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